Lyrics to Now That You're Gone
by Smilez and Southstar

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[edit]Song titleNow That You're Gone
[edit]Artist nameSmilez and Southstar
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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It's a tough one right here
A real tough one
For everybody that lost somebody
Ya know

What will I do baby, now that you're gone
You're gone
What will I do baby, not that you're gone (Gone)
You're gone (Gone)

Southstar talking over chorus
What am I gonna do?
You know I miss you
You know I love you ma

Smilez (Southstar)
Dear mom, I know you're proud your
sons doing good (Yeah)
But I return it all for just one hug ( I would)
Your oldest son and daughter they doing good
We all sticking together like we should (Family)
Introduce me to the lord when I have no cares
Mad at the world like life ain't fair
I remember you said only the lord I should fear (I do)
And with that my stormy weather would be clear
Lord how could you take somethin' so precious
Against our prayers, cares, and
strong wishes (How could you)
I know now ma you livin' through your kids
And if I look at my heart there you is
I can't believe that you're gone
you was my best friend
My mother my father everything that I am (Word)
I love you, mom you's my guardian angel
I can't wait to see your pretty face
real soon (Rest in peace)


1999, I lost my son
That day I felt I lost my mind
Victim of a still birth, man it still hurt
Until this day memories still lurk (Yeah)
I think to myself 'bout what could it been (Uh-huh)
It makes me realize that life is thin
And I promise that you'll always live on
Find more similar lyrics on, with your name tattooed on my arm
And Breaks, dog I can't believe that you're gone
Can't believe I gotta mention your
name on this song (Man)
Seems like yesterday we was jokin' around
Always had a smile on your face, never a frown (Yeah)
You told me, "Star keep holdin' it down"
You got too much talent to be quittin' it now
So, cause of you I stayed in this game (That's right)
I'ma make sure no one forgets your
name (Rest in peace Breaks)


I still don't know how I got by (Uh)
All of these hard times I took it and strive
Turn to the pad grab my pen (Uh-huh)
And said that "I would enjoy my life
to the end (That's right)
And no matter what, I keep my head up
Pursue my dreams and never get fed up
So, when I hear this put up my fist (Yeah)
To let ya know that you'll always be miss (Oh)

It took so long to write these stors
It's so dang hard to lose a love
I'm gon' stay strong and pray to the lord
Cause everything he does is for a cause (Yeah)
Adam Ikenser, that was my dog (My nigga)
I won't forget those wild times in football
You won't be forgotten man, that's for sure
Pour out a little liquor for all of ya

Chorus 2x

Southstar and (Smilez) talking
in background of chorus

Yeah, dedicate this one to my son Malik
Rest in peace I see you baby
(Yeah, dedicate this one to my mother Gloria
I miss you, I miss you)
To my dog Breaks I knows you're watchin' my back
I always watch yours, you heard Yeah
(My man Adam Ikenser and my dog, we all miss you
Man all your boys miss you know that man, uh)
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Lyrics to Now That You're Gone
by Smilez and Southstar

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