Lyrics to Eyes up
by Smilin Liar

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[edit]Song titleEyes up
[edit]Artist nameSmilin Liar
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Don't say what you say like before.
You want to look down.
Your lifes broke your heads on the floor.
And darkness surrounds.
The worlds pushing you to give up.
To crumble inside.
But now child its your turn to look up.
Try harder this time.

Get up. Get up. Its on.
Find more similar lyrics on up. Head up. Stay strong.

Lake clay figures we can all break.
Our days may be few.
In the end who cares what you save.
Give something true.
So now when the world you down.
Just don't close the door.
You can look up, let out your sound.
And he won't ignore.
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Lyrics to Eyes up
by Smilin Liar

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