Lyrics to I Used to Write Songs
by S.N.F.U.

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[edit]Song titleI Used to Write Songs
[edit]Artist nameS.N.F.U.
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I used to write songs cursing the government I
used to write songs about how much the system
sucked I used to write songs about how we are all
getting fucked Now I write songs about love Now I
write songs that just suck

I used to write songs that were anti-establishment
I used to write songs about blowing up parliament
Find more similar lyrics on used to write songs about puking and getting
drunk Now I write songs about love Now I write
songs that just suck

Now I write songs about helping out my fellow man
Now I write songs about lending a helping hand Now
I write songs that no one wants to hear at all
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Lyrics to I Used to Write Songs
by S.N.F.U.

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