Lyrics to Superman
by Snoop Dogg & Willie Nelson & Mickey Raphael

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[edit]Song titleSuperman
[edit]Artist nameSnoop Dogg
Snoop Doggy Dogg
[edit]FeaturingWillie Nelson & Mickey Raphael
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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You know, Snoopy, a little while back I had one of those
Corporal tunnel operations and the doctor told me
"I want you go home and shut up for 4 months"
Yeah, that's kinda tough, I said, "I'll try"
But while I was there, I wrote this song

Too many pain pills, too much pot
Trying to be something that I'm not
Superman, Superman

Trying to do more than I can
Got a little out of hand
I ain't Superman

Know what I'm talkin' about?

I blew my throat and I blew my tour
I wound up sippin' on soup d'jour
I wasn't Superman, oh no, I wasn't Superman

I'm tryin' to do more than I can
I got a little out of hand
I wasn't Superman

I hear you, Nikky, play one
Yeah, play that, Nikky, go 'head
Play it well
Find more similar lyrics on ahead, Willie

Well, the doctor said, "Son, it's a cryin' shame
But you ain't Clark Kent and I ain't Lois Lane
You ain't Superman, you ain't Superman"

"Trying to do more than you can
And got a little out of hand"
You ain't Superman

What do you think, Snoop?

Well, when I die, put it on my stone
God said, "Snoopy, take your bad ass home
You wasn't Superman", no, I wasn't Superman

I'm tryin' to do more than I can
It got a little out of hand
I wasn't Superman

I hear you

Tryin' to do more than I can
It got a little out of hand
I ain't Superman

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Lyrics to Superman
by Snoop Dogg & Willie Nelson & Mickey Raphael

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