Lyrics to Downhill from Here
by Snow Patrol

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[edit]Song titleDownhill from Here
[edit]Artist nameSnow Patrol
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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You could get arrested for
Getting your kit off in the street
How many times have I told you
It's not polite to meet and greet

We'll get you home and wash you up
In a bath of cold coffee
I only do this 'cause I love you
And you can make things easier

Didn't you hear me when I said
Not to do this anymore
I've had enough, it's got to stop
Find more similar lyrics on rather leave you then we'll see

If you could handle things yourself
Without me here to scrape you up
This is the last time I'll warn you
Don't make me leave you all alone

It doesn't matter anyway
It doesn't matter anyway
It doesn't matter anyway
It doesn't matter anyway
It doesn't matter anyway
It doesn't matter anyway
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Lyrics to Downhill from Here
by Snow Patrol

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