Lyrics to Velocity Girl
by Snow Patrol

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[edit]Song titleVelocity Girl
[edit]Artist nameSnow Patrol
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Oh, velocity girl
What makes you go so fast?
Is it the speed you're taking
Since you gave up the drinking?

Oh, velocity girl
I can't keep up with you
Can't stand to be alone
Think you should be with me

Just wanna stay here in your arms

Oh, velocity girl
Try harder to stay put
Understand me when I say
Please, don't leave today

Oh, velocity girl
I don't know what I'm thinking
Find more similar lyrics on I gave up the drinking
Please, just stay with me

Just wanna stay here in your arms

Oh, velocity girl
Can I touch your hand
Can I move it here?
Don't you understand?

I'll just stay here in your arms
I'll just stay here in your arms
I'll just stay here in your arms
I'll just stay here in your arms

Oh, velocity girl
Oh, velocity girl
Oh, velocity girl
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Lyrics to Velocity Girl
by Snow Patrol

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