Lyrics to Still too Much (Remix)
by Snow

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[edit]Song titleStill too Much (Remix)
[edit]Artist nameSnow
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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If you Never hear The Sound
Watch The Way its Goin Down

Too much for money
Too much for cars
Too much for hoes
Too much for clothes
Too much for bar
Too much for clubs
Too much for thugs
Too much for drugs
Too much for much
Too much for love
Too much for haters
Too much for players
Too much for gators
Too much for paper
Too much for favors
Too much for saws
Too much for laws
Too much for raws
Too much for brawls
Too much for y'all

Breakdown niggas, run through niggas
Stay comin' through with
my 7 Bills niggas
Make mad figures, my
thugs pull triggers
Leave 'em with the cash and
the stash, quick niggas
All day everyday
We do or die, serious
Pass up in the cut, these
haters keep get in touch
Zig-Zag to Dutch, livin' it up
G.C., 7 Bills what?
Sharpen the cut


My nigga pump all night
Do the goonin' all night
Bag a trick that blow dick
And twist that bitch all night
Got my ring, chain-swings
We got the drop word-life
Hamela, Hannibal cop
Put that in your pipe
The tough diaras mazara
rap don't concern me
We cut your Beef Jerkey, Cold Turkey
Presedential, Oyster Iceberg jersey
Whatchu got ain't worthy
Four 50's, need a shift
Swallow your derby nigga
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Yo the 7 Too Much were
just too dangerous
We Off-The-Hook, we
balterbus, all murderous
Outta the blue, get swept like Typhoon
Top 'coons, killin'
these fools with brand
new tunes
Ladies shake the middle (What?)
Fellas throw your guns up
Strictly thumbs up, when we
come you get duffed up
Cuffed up, roughed up, 7
Bills, nigga what?
9-9, tucci, we erupt, just too much


To all my Porto Rocks and Ice
Cubans who lick shots
My Dominicans, makin' them
ends and don't stop
To my stone-cold niggas who
controllin' the blocks
And all my
stone-cold bitches
never blowin' up
I put it down for y'all
Let off a rhyme for y'all
Knowin', too much for
much, but I'ma pound
for y'all
Never see me at the Bar,
got that Crown Royal
How that sound?
Mow y'all, everybody get ball, c'mon


To Much For De Dem
To Much For lie
to much de eyes
and i see lord god tell
them why to much why
i thinkin to much why

tell them a ready i fi tell them again
tell them a ready i fi tell them again
we are allstars {x2}

tell them a ready i fi tell them again
tell them a ready i fi tell them again
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Lyrics to Still too Much (Remix)
by Snow

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