Lyrics to Words of Wisdom
by Snuff

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[edit]Song titleWords of Wisdom
[edit]Artist nameSnuff
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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You've simmered your thoughts
Your mind is set
Now you can only stare
through eyes that hate
The glass is broken
The scent is loose
You're pushing stale air into
my lungs because...

Your invitation got lost in the post
But that was no mistake
You'll have to party alone this time

Paranoid in vain
You still watch your toes
You talk about pride
Well who trod on yours?
You recognise the song
But don't know the tune
We all make mistakes
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If you insist on pushing
Tunnel vision advice
I'll flip the joke on it's back
And laugh in your face this time

Your words of wisdom...

You keep on pushing
You go too far
You push, cling and bite
You can already taste those lies
You recognise the song
But the words are wrong
We all make mistakes
Just add another one on...

Your words of wisdom impress me none
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Lyrics to Words of Wisdom
by Snuff

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