Lyrics to Freddy Krueger
by S.O.D

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[edit]Song titleFreddy Krueger
[edit]Artist nameS.O.D
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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His hand spells death
He breathes his vile breath
No way you can stop him once he's out
He haunts you sleep
In the tub he hides down deep
He rips your face and no
one hears you shout

He's come for you, what will you do
He'll slash you and rip you
and cut you in two

His teeth are black
Flex metal knuckles with a crack
Find more similar lyrics on crawling all throughout his skin
He'll get them all
Everyone will hear his call
When the razors grip beneath their chin

Chorus-mosh part
As the blood begins to splat
On his sweater and his hat
His rotted mouth smiles as you die
His color's red and green
His skin's not what it seems
He rips at it and tears off his own flesh

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Lyrics to Freddy Krueger
by S.O.D

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