Lyrics to No Other Path to Pursue
by Sofa King Killer

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[edit]Song titleNo Other Path to Pursue
[edit]Artist nameSofa King Killer
[edit]Lyrics languageGerman
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Sitting Around. Wasting Time. If You Where Mine.
I'd Be Alright. Sitting In A Prison Cell Late That
Night. Just Trying To Work It Out And Make Things
Right. But If I Had You. Well I'd Be Just Fine.
How Do I Get You Off Of My Mind? If Only God Had
Find more similar lyrics on A 48-Hour Day. Well. I'd Probably Sit Around
And Do Nothing Anyway. But If I Had You. I'd Be
Just Fine. Tell Me What I've Got To Do To Make You
All Mine. She's A Drug.
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Lyrics to No Other Path to Pursue
by Sofa King Killer

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