Solange Knowles - True Love Lyrics
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[edit]Song titleTrue Love
[edit]Artist nameSolange Knowles
[edit]FeaturingLil' Romeo
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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My heart won't let you go
I love you Romeo

Love has truly been good to me
Not even one sad day
Or memory I had since you've come my way
I hope you know I'll gladly go
Anywhere you take me
There ain't no limit to this love
I'll follow you to the moon and the sky above

[Rap 1]
The first time I met you I didn't sweat you
My Juliet I knew that I'd catch you
Gave you the key to my heart, you unlocked it
A perfect match, you the plug I'm the socket
As time moved on, we become friends
I knew it was love at first sight and itenter added
wasn't about the dividends
You was there when needeed you
I remember writing letters on theenter added
road, I wanna be with you
I know we young and we got time
Little soldiers need love soenter added
girl, I wanna make you mine
We can roll together, go to shows together
My best friend, girl let's grow together


[Rap 2]
We could walk together, roll buses together
Your mom called us Killer bees, we stuck together
We at parks playin' hide and go seek
I find you or you find me
This was meant to be, they calledenter added
us little one and shortie
Find hugged up at every school party
We studied together, balled together
Somebody said cupid, it must have brought us together
I love your cute eyes, and you love my tight braids
Play video games almost everyday
And when we're not together
We on the phone
Talkin' bout our first kiss and weenter added
don't want to be alone


[Rap 3]
And I remember so well how yourenter added
Smile made me feel bright
Like the sunshine, I'm so glad that you mine
You my Juliet, I never let theenter added
Jealous ones between and that'senter added
a safe bet
And we can get to studying after school is over
Homework is a must so you can come over
And afterwards we can hit the mallenter added
Sip Icee's and cotton candy afterenter added
that come chill with the

[Special chorus]
Got to tell you how you threw me
I'm so happy that you came inenter added
here and changed my world
Bye bye sadness, hello Romie
You're the only boy
that's why Solange is so in love
I'll follow you to the moon in the sky above
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Lyrics versions321Show words ADDED in version 2 as green
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Solange Knowles - True Love Lyrics
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