Lyrics to Peacemaker
by Sonata Arctica

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[edit]Song titlePeacemaker
[edit]Artist nameSonata Arctica
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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You've got the wings of a fallen angel
You offer peace if they praise your name
You live your life taking everything you can get
Look down, time to fly!

Life on the streets, you gamble with your own life
Only two things: you live or you die
Looking for fight, punishing guilty ones
You're playing Judge Dredd all the time

Always trying to make things right
Sometimes problems just multiply
His peacemaker on the scene of crime
Bad guys win though it won't seem right

Eating a hotdog on the corner of Main and some street
You are a disciple of your own gun
No one to talk, you say "I am the only one
but God I wonder I won't see the sun"

It's raining heavily and you don't have a dime
Find more similar lyrics on see welfare, spend it all in one time
Must save your bullets, using them all the time
Yes, I am happy in...

Always trying to make things right
Sometimes problems just multiply
His peacemaker on the scene of crime
Bad guys win though it won't seem right

You've got your fingers burning
How come your gun is turning?
You make them pray and then you calmly blow them away
Taking rebels to the street, no
matter who you're gonna meet
because Everybody knows that he is..

Always trying to make things right
Sometimes problems just multiply
His peacemaker on the scene of crime
Bad guys win though it won't seem right
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Lyrics to Peacemaker
by Sonata Arctica

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