Lyrics to Jc
by Sonic Youth

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[edit]Song titleJc
[edit]Artist nameSonic Youth
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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always cost a pair of hose - spaces pressed
together rose arms around each others back - you
know that I liked you Jack and all the other boys
who pose - a silent dance in the woods in the
suburb light is shown - another can of Coca Cola
don't you ever call me Mom - freckled dancing in
the plan and air so thin it weighs a ton - you can
see as far as fun you're nothing but a history - a
second here and then you're gone quicksand,
quicksand all around - turn the corner just beyond
the shadows move and change the groove - and
something tells me not to brood turning room and
that's a show - you're walking through my heart
once more don't forget to close the door - I'm not
certain of what you found all the men want a
Find more similar lyrics on whore - like a crown fortunes sunny skies
and angels bleed - falling down upon my knees that
wasn't how it's supposed to be - clear blue eyes,
justice tries the wind is busy blowing dizzy -
you're dreams were shot like a star exploding in a
mind somewhere - doing something on a dare pulling
a trigger like breathing air - a sunkissed boy
that gave no thought to what he'd made while
others sake

ocean spreads a candle sand - it's dripping in my
hand, you're dead little brother reminding me -
the moments tick forever true you can see as far
as him - don't you know the shape I'm in you're
walking through my heart once more - don't forget
to close the door
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Lyrics to Jc
by Sonic Youth

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