Lyrics to Tonight but no More
by Sonido Lasser Drakar

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[edit]Song titleTonight but no More
[edit]Artist nameSonido Lasser Drakar
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I come alond ariving in my car i saw your friens i
know you must be there.

igot the dope i hope yuo have the dough I see you
on the dance floor and you seem like a god.

Iturn around try to look for you over the
speakers there are some girls halo over
she´s eyes all the people ara inside the
music is getting shitty you don´t pass by...

chorus:On the floor,your foot is on the floor.
on the floor,my foot is on the floor.
on the floor,the stuff is on the floor. on
the floor,let´s do it on the floor.

I don´t give a fuck,i´d rather see
Find more similar lyrics on dance. your feet move so fast,the light strobe
my mind. i´m walking towards you,the sound
is megasound. if you don´t have the money
then i´ll try to understand.


this is the place til morning i will. dance a
love story will begin at midnight. arrows crossing
the space dancing all arround the place the only
way i can i will audid your love.


this is the way to audid your love and i will
cause i wantto really se with you tognight but no
more X3... chorus.
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Lyrics to Tonight but no More
by Sonido Lasser Drakar

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