Lyrics to Time Won't Wait
by Sons of Thunder

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[edit]Song titleTime Won't Wait
[edit]Artist nameSons of Thunder
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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"Seasons change and so have I"
"Tired of living all my lies, you see"
"Never thought I'd ever see"
"A change down deep
inside of me, you see"

"He called for me"
"Then He set me free"

"Time won't wait for you and me"
"Time won't wait for you and me"

"You say that you just don't believe"
"But the day will come
Find more similar lyrics on you will see he's King"
"We walk around and wonder why"
"We live and love and then we die…you see"



"Travel down this road of life"
"And we look for answers day and see"
"It's a narrow lonely road"
"The glory shines and off we go, you see"


Chorus (2X)
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Lyrics to Time Won't Wait
by Sons of Thunder

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