Lyrics to Battlefield
by Sonya Isaacs

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[edit]Song titleBattlefield
[edit]Artist nameSonya Isaacs
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(Arrangement by Sonya
Isaacs and Vince Gill)

One day as I was thinking
On unseen things above
The Savior spoke unto me
And filled my heart with love

I'm gonna die on the battlefield
I'm gonna die in this war
I'm gonna die on the battlefield
With glory in my soul

Find more similar lyrics on used to have some people
Who walked and talked with me
But since I've started preaching,
They've turned their backs on me

Some say give me silver
And some give me gold
But I say give me Jesus
Who saved my dying soul

(Repeat Chorus)

With glory in my soul
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Lyrics to Battlefield
by Sonya Isaacs

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