Lyrics to Maja's Song
by Sophie Zelmani

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[edit]Song titleMaja's Song
[edit]Artist nameSophie Zelmani
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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"Couldn't lend him to you forever"
Said the hard man from above
I made you to a giver and a savor
But also to a loser of love

Made your heart big enough to carry
Every kind of pain
I made you to a dream for marriage
But also to someone I must drain

I gave your eyes the color of an ocean
Find more similar lyrics on anybody could drown
I'd swear an oath on your sterling friendship
But I will always let you down

In storms and rain, it's hard to light the candle
And I'm sorry when it's snowing on his stone
The gravel-walk's so familiar with your footsteps
That's a sound that could make me leave the throne

"I couldn't lend him to you forever"
Said the hard man from above
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Lyrics to Maja's Song
by Sophie Zelmani

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