Lyrics to Go to War
by Soulja Boy

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[edit]Song titleGo to War
[edit]Artist nameSoulja Boy
DeAndre Cortez Soulja Boy Tell 'Em
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Real nigga shit right now man
Let me tell ya'll a story man, Soulja Boy Tellem in here
Learn from this shit right here, open ya ears nigga
Ya'll pay attention ta dis I'm a show ya'll some real shit right now

Verse 1:
3: 30 in tha mornin I'm in my house chillin
Niggaz kicked in my side doe
And started runnin threw da kitchen
I peeped out tha doe, seen a nigga with a K
Dressed in all black with a ski mask on his face
So I bussed out tha doe, started shootin at that bitch
And tha 1st bullet missed, but tha next 5 hit
So I cut tha lights off, then I crouched down ta da ground
Took a look at Arab, said "nigga don't make a sound!"
Had my pistol in my hand so I knew I had tha power
Heard footsteps gettin louder and louder
I ran out tha doe, started bussin with my 9
6 bullets left tha clip, but 5 on me hit his spine
Now he layin on tha ground, screamin like a hoe
He thought his homeboys was real, but they ran out tha doe
Now he lyin on tha flo, screamin like a lil bitch
When I shot him he dropped his pistol now hee ain't got shit
I told Arab, "go and take a look around da place."
Den I walked up ta dis nigga, snatched dat mask off his face
After I saw who it was, it's a face I couldn't forget
I can't believe deez niggaz came and tried ta rob me fa my shit
After all I did fa ya'll, this tha fuckin thanks I get

Find more similar lyrics on ta take ya out tha hood and tried ta make you niggaz rich
So dey kicked in my doe and tried ta jack me fa my shit
Ya'll niggaz ain't got no heart, that's some real foul shit
So I sit back today and I thank inside my head
If I made tha wrong move, all my niggaz could be dead
This some real shit I'm spittin, hope ya heard what I said
If I made tha wrong move, all my niggaz could be dead

Real nigga shit I'm spittin man, Soulja Boy Tellem
SOD, PTE, back ta dis shit right here doe
This some real nigga shit
Watch how I snap on deez niggaz, okk

Verse 2:
What's up nigga, heavyweight move a stack while spittin on a track
I call my fans grey hairz cause a nigga be spittin dat crack
Talkin bout a struggle, 24 flip datz a double
20 times 2 my numba, Soulja Boy Tellem straight like thunder
I mean S.Beezy is straight like thunder
Bitch I'm hotta den a sauna, money long like a anaconda
Ridin threw my projects I swear my goonz is gettin younga
Dammm, too much ice on my wrist
Nigga tried ta rob me, had ta empty out a clip
I can't go out like no bitch
Cause my pistol man lil nigga den dew it
If ya wanna take my chain, ya betta be ready ta die for it
You know it, yea bitch you already know
If you kick up in my doe, we gon' shoot it up all night hoe
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Lyrics to Go to War
by Soulja Boy

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