Lyrics to Guardian Angel
by Soulmotor

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[edit]Song titleGuardian Angel
[edit]Artist nameSoulmotor
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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If I told you what I am
Would you still want me?
If I knew just what you are
Would I still want you?

Do you watch me when I sleep?
Do you see my dreams?
Are you with me when I sin?
Are you nearby my soul?

Oh my guardian angel
Where are you now?
Oh my guardian angel
Are you watching now?

Do you konw what I think?
Do you know what I feel?
Do you know what I want?
Do you know what I need?

Oh my guardian angel
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Oh my guardian angel
Are you watching now?

Do you see me when I take her in?
Do you watch me peel
off her skin?

Come angel to my bed
Come angel round my head
Come to watch
Come to pray
Come to bear my soul away
Oh my guardian angel
Where are you now?
Oh my guardian angel
Are you watching now?
Oh my guardian angel
Where are you now?
Oh my guardian angel
Are you watching over me?
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Lyrics to Guardian Angel
by Soulmotor

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