Lyrics to Ugly Truth
by Soundgarden

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[edit]Song titleUgly Truth
[edit]Artist nameSoundgarden
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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You hide your eyes
But the ugly truth
Just loves to give it away
You gave yourself
If you were mine to give
I might throw it away
You share but money can't give
What the truth takes away
Throw it away

I painted my eyes
Ugly isn't what I want to see
I painted my mind
Ugly isn't what I want to be
I don't mind but the truth
Don't look that good on me
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I don't think I really
Understand you
And I can't see why
I'd ever want to
And even if it
isn't mine to say
I'll say it anyway
It's ugly

If you were mine to give
I might throw it away
But money can't give
What the truth takes away
Throw it away
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Lyrics to Ugly Truth
by Soundgarden

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