Lyrics to The Pistol
by Sounds Like Violence

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[edit]Song titleThe Pistol
[edit]Artist nameSounds Like Violence
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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do you know what keeps me up at night?
too many times i've seen the light
there are things that have never been said
for example: i've been dead for quite a while

i've got a gun and i shoot it bad
it's the best thing i've ever had
the ones i hated baby, they're all dead
i shot them in the forehead

pain, i can't feel pain
and i know that it's a shame i got no feelings
and i never cry out loud
Find more similar lyrics on don't even care for the ones who saved my life
i'm sorry, i'm sorry

i wanna rise high above the sky
i'm not a superman nor a fly
i've got the whole world in my hand
the sun, moon and the stars
they're all mine

i've got a knife and i stab it bad
it's for your love i've never had
i regret it, i take it back
but i guess it's too late
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Lyrics to The Pistol
by Sounds Like Violence

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