Lyrics to Sorry I Can't
by Soundshine

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[edit]Song titleSorry I Can't
[edit]Artist nameSoundshine
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Are you ready to kill ?
Are you able to shoot
You know later you will
be running through the wood
You will kill everyone you'll
see, is it hard to do ?
Sorry I can't, it's not human,
I won't kill women and children
So keep your gun
Tell me why you're afraid
aren't you an outlaw
What happens in your head,
you're a criminal I know
Don't you remember what you said:
"The world is a hole"
Find more similar lyrics on hate the world, I hate people
But I'm just a man like others
Not a killer
You won't be a killer,
you will be a hero
Because they are monsters
they like to kill, they like the war
You must destroy these
cruel people, your heart's
not a stone
I don't think that they're all so bad
You know I would rather be dead
Than kill these men
© 1997 Vincent North / Soundshine Music Inc.
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Lyrics to Sorry I Can't
by Soundshine

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