Lyrics to The Rainbow
by South Park

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[edit]Song titleThe Rainbow
[edit]Artist nameSouth Park
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Many colours in a homo rainbow
Don't be afaid to let your colours shine..
Many colours in a homo rainbow
Show me yours, I'm gonna show you mine..
If you find your pot of gold
Then every little thing is gonna work out fine..
In a homo rainbow.

Many colours in a homo rainbow
Pick any shade from black to yellow..
Many colours in a homo rainbow
A warm embrace and a kind of 'hello'..
If you find your pot of gold
Then every little thing is gonna work out fine..
Find more similar lyrics on a homo rainbow.
If you find your pot of gold
Then every little thing is gonna work out fine..
In a homo rainbow.

Every single colour, every walk of life,
In all shapes and sizes, gone every day and night,
From the golden shores of Kansas
to the meadows of Japan,
Reach around your soul and love your fellow man.
There are many colours in a homo rainbow
Don't be afraid to let your colours shine..
Don't be ashamed of what God made you.
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Lyrics to The Rainbow
by South Park

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