Lyrics to Slavery
by Southern Storm

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[edit]Song titleSlavery
[edit]Artist nameSouthern Storm
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Damir Sinanovic

You've been a fool never treated right
Your life is done, but you did not realize it at all
Now you're hiding all the things
you've been going through
And you'll never be the same after all they
Did to you
Night is so black between dark walls in the cell
You've made your own decision
Find more similar lyrics on yourself or be a prison whore
Pain is so deep, but you'll soon face the truth
Any kind of choice you make will lead you
Straight to hell

I'll never see the light of day
But I'll be strong and I will pray
For one and only judgment day
My tears will fall and I'll be known for all mankind
Then hell will be my slavery
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Lyrics to Slavery
by Southern Storm

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