Lyrics to Candy man
by Spacehog

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[edit]Song titleCandy man
[edit]Artist nameSpacehog
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(Royston Langdon)

Oh hear my prayer you people please
incline your tiny minds to me
It's time to kiss the candyman
It's high time you were here instead of
Fighting, I don't want to fight
but if by chance the cold wind blows
I've got the drugs to keep it up
I know which way the money goes

Up and down the city road
In and out we'll reap and sow
Rewards for all the sins
I know which way the money goes

candyman, candyman, candyman
the candyman took it.
The Money-go-round

So up and down the city roads
In and out we raped and sow
The rewards I've lost and never known
which way the money grows

Money grows on monitories
you pay the price for liberties
Find more similar lyrics on all we've lost is all we need
to feed these wilting seedlings

There's more than stones and sticks at stake
if you pull a rope tight it will create
a tension like a brick will break
if thrown against the road
Candyman, candyman, candyman
the candyman took it.
Oh yeah!

Breathe now the air of stinking breath
like those who piss on thirsty men
I'll raise my glass to all of them
Income the assholes who can smell the money
as they chase the blood and
flesh as though they
only ever had enough to keep
their withered spirits up

There's more than stones and sticks at stake
if you pull a rope tight it will create
a tension like a brick will break
if thrown against the road

Candyman, candyman, candyman
The candyman took it
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Lyrics to Candy man
by Spacehog

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