Lyrics to Isle of Manhattan
by Spacehog

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[edit]Song titleIsle of Manhattan
[edit]Artist nameSpacehog
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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( Royston Langdon)

Who came for the cadavers in the morgue
A very strange mission to skin all the women
He butchered the cadavers in the morgue

Let go your souls
Let go your souls
Let go your souls
Let go your souls

With that look in his eyes in the
Find more similar lyrics on and the pies (?)
Well he came for the cadavers in the morgue
So listen appear me the eyes from the TV (?)
He came for the cadavers in the morgue

Let go your souls
Let go your souls
Let go your souls
Let go your souls

Now you're in a ponder, eating a pizza
You're mad for the cadavers in the morgue
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Lyrics to Isle of Manhattan
by Spacehog

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