Lyrics to Hoedown
by Special Ed

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[edit]Song titleHoedown
[edit]Artist nameSpecial Ed
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Yo, I know you know a hoe
You might know a few
This jam is about two
Skeezy, sleazy, peasy, low down
This is the hoedown
(Hoe) (hoe) (hoedown)

Lucy, I remember Lucy
With the big fat juicy
Watermelons comin out the grocery store
Saw her comin out of the door
I said, "Miss, can I help you with this?
Please don't diss, I just wanna kiss"
She said, "Of course," kissed with force
Suckin on my lips just like she was a horse
I said, "Excuse me, please don't bruise me
Please don't tease or skeeze or use me
I'm not like that, I'm not kinky
Would you please remove your pinky
>From my rear?
Can't you hear?
What's the matter?
Get your hands off the platter
We're standin outside on a crowded block"
I felt her hands goin down on my sock
It's a polo, she was so low down
I coulda swore her knees was on the ground
I said, "Damn Ma'am, get on your feet
Be on your way, cause you can't have my meat"
Her eyes started waterin, so I brought her
In the store, to buy some more
Tissue, I said, "Good-bye,
I'm gonna miss you"
She said, "No," I said,
"Yo hoe, ho-ho, merry
This must be a gift, have you ever imagined that if
You was a manget, and a girl was a metal filing
Would they all come piling?
On your body, growin like hair, yeah?
Well, just think of me as there
Didn't need a girl, had plans for the day
Wanted to step, but she wanted me to stay
You could say she was disturbing my peace
So I called the police

Cause yo
This hoe was low down
And this is the hoedown
(Hoe) (hoe) (hoedown)
(Hoe) (hoe) (hoedown)

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I was coolin on the ave, it was a regular day
Lookin for a girlie, cause I wanted to play
Saw a girl, as I examined her back
Her butt was bigger than a triple dipple Big Mac
As she turned around I had a look at the grill
I said, 'nah - chill'
I turned around, I was about to jet off
When I took a step and bumped into something soft
It was a girl, she was the sweetest thing
Yes indeed, she was a meal, she was fit for a king
I was scopin, but hopin and hopin to rope in
My desire was up, and my resistance was slopin
She said, "Excuse me, but I was wrong
Maybe I came on a little bit too strong"
I couldn't talk, I couldn't even think
I said, "Well, can I make it up,
can I buy your a drink?"
She gave a nod to show her acception
To my pleasure, but with one suggestion
Yo, to be alone was the suggestion she had
Which was even better, so we went to her pad
I brought the wine that you call rose
We snuggled up in the couch, yes, we got cosy
She put the glass to her lip, and
then she took a sip, and
Tried to get up, but she was slippin and trippin
Did a double summersault, the girlie was flippin
Took a step back, took out the hair clip, and
Unbuttoned her blouse, yes, the girlie was strippin
Put her hands on my pants, the zipper was zippin
Laid me down on the couch, sat down on my hip, and
Straddled up, and then she took a dip, and
The girl was sweeter than a chocolate chip, and
I called her name out loud, I
said, Jodie - oh!"
I said, "You must be down with the rodeo
The way you ride, it might sound silly
But you're ridin up and down
like Bronco Billy"
Time went by, the sex had stopped
I looked around, I saw Jodie just dropped
What was the matter, yes, the girl was in shock
She said, "Special Ed, I think it was your -
But never mind, I be fine, just chill"
I said, "That's what you get for
playin Buffalo Bill"
In a minute the girl recouperated
Gave her some super-strenght, and she ate it
I then waited till she finished some soup
And then I said, "Get the hell out,
good lookin out, troop"

Cause yo
This hoe was low down
And this is the hoedown
(Hoe) (hoe) (hoedown)
(Hoe) (hoe) (hoedown)
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Lyrics to Hoedown
by Special Ed

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