Lyrics to Survival
by Spice 1

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[edit]Song titleSurvival
[edit]Artist nameSpice 1
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I'm lookin up out the barrel of a .45
Will a nigga survive
or will these muthafuckas see me die
You see I'm livin in a society
Where soldiers breed
And you see murder 187 over hustlers greed
I told my homie to watch his fuckin back
while he blunted
I know some niggas that wanna kill him
for that five hundred
You see a murder from a street
my survival skills
hand to hand or combat or
even shoot to kill
Can't let these muthafuckas do
you in this game man
Leavin cocaine in blood
Runnin down the street drain
They screamin yea but it
ain't because they happy
I think they wanna cap me dome
Run in my happy home
And do me with the chrome
But ain't shit poppin
Cause you're sure to get your life tooken
I got niggas watchin my back
When even I ain't look at it

Only the strong can survive
Its called survival

You see its cold on these
blood-thirsty streets nigga
You got to figure
Even these little
muthafuckas packin triggas
that'll put you under
I heard the thunder of a .20 gauge
????? another nigga dead
And still don't make the front page
Nobody gives a fuck
You're on your own patna
better pull some licks but don't jack me
Find more similar lyrics on you get with this chopper
Make you spray yourself or AK yourself
If you don't know how much you're worth
You should have took your time
and weighed yourself
Its 50/50 in the city when
its life or death
you can take it
Or I could have my last breath
Its do or die
die or do
Me and you
Which one will survive
when all the killin is through
Some niggas leavin dumb before they realize
The name of the muthafuckin
game is survive nigga


muthafuckas say that I'm a paranoid nigga
Because I'm strapped with the
infrared and the mack 11
everyday put a happy big
face up in your 6 tray
????????? see who survive
Before you get off 2 shots
Nigga I'm gon get off 5
Cause I ain't the one to be the corpse
Up in this muthafucka
You know you're fuckin
With the original dead body chucker
Punk ass niggas can't get next to this
Dead O.G.'s be hautin my body
like the muthafuckin exorcist
Run up on niggas dumpin they homies
bodies up out they car
Its just some hardcore shit
thats uncut and raw
we do the shit cause
niggas can't understand
that everybody up on the block
Can't be the muthafuckin top man
Its scrilla for every nigga so strive
and you will be the nigga to survive

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Lyrics to Survival
by Spice 1

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