Lyrics to Bitch School
by Spinal Tap

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[edit]Song titleBitch School
[edit]Artist nameSpinal Tap
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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You been bad, don't do what I say
You don't listen, you never obey
I try to teach you, but you just won't be good

You won't behave the way a big girl should
It's time to give that whip a crack
I'm gonna have to send you back to

Bitch School, Bitch School

You're a beauty, you're the best of your breed
You're a handful and I know what you need
You need training, gonna bring you to heel

I'm gonna break you with my will of steel
Discipline's my middle name
And no one comes back the same from

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No more sniffing strangers or running free at night
You think my bark's bad, honey
Wait till you feel my bite, wait till you feel my bite

You got problems, you whine and you beg
When I'm busy, you wanna dance with my leg
I'm gonna chain you, make you sleep out of doors

You're so fetchin' when you're down on all fours
And when you hear your master
You will come a little faster, thanks to

Bitch School, Bitch School, Bitch School
Come on, I will take you back to
Bitch School, good girl
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Lyrics to Bitch School
by Spinal Tap

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