Lyrics to Leaving Home
by Spitalfield

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[edit]Song titleLeaving Home
[edit]Artist nameSpitalfield
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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You smile like I'm insane
With my feet on the ground and
my head in the clouds
Will you think of me the same?
When I'm off on my own and away
for the whole summer
Things aren't the same
Don't wait up for me tonight
I've packed up, I've moved out
Our dreams aren't the same
Don't wait up for me tonight
Not simple, yet so plain
Have I shown you my plans?
Have I met your demands?
Am I playing the wrong game?
Find more similar lyrics on you tell me to stop if I drifted away?
Would you tell me not to stay?
Things aren't the same
Don't wait up for me tonight
I've packed up, I've moved out
Our dreams aren't the same
Don't wait up for me tonight
Can't you seen how easily we'd die out here?
Without you
You're not a machine
Don't act like you don't even care
Don't act like you, tallk like
you, or pretend like you
Just tell me you do
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Lyrics to Leaving Home
by Spitalfield

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