Lyrics to The Great Nothing: iv: Submerged
by Spock's Beard

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[edit]Song titleThe Great Nothing: iv: Submerged
[edit]Artist nameSpock's Beard
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The boy has got potential
But he's never had commercial success
There's flies in his ointment
There's Stuyvesants and
liquor on his breath
We'll have him charge the gate
We'll have to set him straight
We'll have him seal his future fate
Before it's too late

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It must have been ten years ago
Of all the pains in the asses
He's the worst
I've had the bad taste to know
He's undirectable
Completely uncoachable
But perhaps we can put him
In an altered state
Before it's too late
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Lyrics to The Great Nothing: iv: Submerged
by Spock's Beard

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