Lyrics to 1992
by Spoken

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[edit]Song title1992
[edit]Artist nameSpoken
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I've waited my whole life for this
To stand here face to face with you
All my failures, fears, and doubts have all been taken away
Remember when I waited up through
the night just to hear you
To hear you call my name
The second of your voice took all of my heartache away
Taken away
I think of all the time I missed
Never knowing about you
But then your grace could take away
my regrets, my insecurities
Remember when I waited up through
Find more similar lyrics on night just to hear you
To hear you say my name
The sound of your voice took all of my heartache away
Taken away
I gave you my heart, I gave everything to you
And in return you gave me everything
that I could never deserve
You gave me freedom
I think of all the times I missed
Never knowing about you, about you
I gave everything to you, I gave everything to you
I gave you my heart, I gave everything to you...
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Lyrics to 1992
by Spoken

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