Lyrics to Get 'em Outta Here
by Sprung Monkey

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[edit]Song titleGet 'em Outta Here
[edit]Artist nameSprung Monkey
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Ah, Well I walked outside into a sunny day
called some friends to back my play
We went downtown to taste a few
A then over to the coast
to see what kind of trouble
we could get into
what trouble we could get into (3x)
in sweet home San Diego
Ah then over to P. B. the tanning ladies
San Diego girls they drive me crazy
We hooked up on a number or two
We'll call 'em later
to see what kind of trouble
we could get into
what trouble we could get into (3x)
now all of the bad times
get 'em outta here
to the bum with the cheap wine
get 'em outta here
to the perps of the hate crimes
get 'em outta here
because the owner of a calm
hand he is the real man
punks on the get low
get 'em outta here
to the fools with their fake gold
get 'em outta here
to the San Diego po po
get 'em outta here (2x)
now I called up zing to hit some spots
bought a couple of beers
to chase the shots
Pacers, Platinum until two
then over to the Vu to see
what kind of trouble we
can get into
what trouble we could get into (2x)
The trouble that we get into
'Cause the nines in the front row
get 'em outta here
to the swollen tongue coke ho
get 'em outta here
to the watered down drinks low
get 'em outta here
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you get no tip
filly in the peep booth
get 'em outta here
you got the tweeker with the one tooth
get 'em outta here
say poppa on the eighty proof
get 'em outta here (2x)
Ah well now back home to find my bed
i gotta cool buzz chillin' inside my head
but just before the sun breaks through
i choke a little laugh and think about
The trouble we could get into
The trouble we could get into (2x)
the trouble that we get into
to the busta with the hippy crack
get 'em outta here
to the gold chain hair backs
get 'em outta here
to the locs with the swag sacks
get 'em outta here
cause unless you got the kind nugs
you get no love
wannabe pornstars
get 'em outta here
to the toughs that are so hard
get 'em outta here
granny in her sports car
get 'em outta here (6x)
to the label with the crook deals
get 'em outta here
to the bands that play with no feel
get 'em outta here
to the sailor in the high heels
get 'em outta here
got 'im suckin' down a bottleneck
talkin' bout a shipwreck
itchy faced crackheads
get 'em outta here
you got the flatulating fat chicks
get 'em outta here
you got to blast all hypocrites
get 'em outta here (2x)
Lyrics: Steve Summers
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Lyrics to Get 'em Outta Here
by Sprung Monkey

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