Lyrics to Room for Abuse
by Spunge

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[edit]Song titleRoom for Abuse
[edit]Artist nameSpunge
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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We'd like to say a thank you to our mums and dads
And all our families for all of the support we have
We'd like to give a big thank you to all of our mates
And all the people that have let us stay, you treated us great

We'd like to give a special mention to some of the crews
Cool promoters, yeah, the ones that gave us extra booze
And thanks a lot to all the good, good bands we know
We know without you, there probably wouldn't be a show

Now for some, a select few
We'd like to give a big fuck you
You like to think you're so damn punk rock
But really you don't give a fuck
We aren't naming any names
'Cause we ain't playing silly games
Just cause you're so damn petty
Doesn't mean we have to be
Promoters that have ripped us off
'Cause the just want a bigger cut
People say we aren't trad ska
We never said that we are
Find more similar lyrics on don't mind if you don't like us
Just fuck off, get on your bike 'cause
We won't argue, it's no use
It just gives us more room for abuse

A great big thank you to the skaters and the kids and the punks
And all the people that are always there down at the front
Thanks to the people at the gigs for coming to it
And all the head cases that always go mad in the pit
We wanna say a huge thank you for the tabs and beer
We know without you we wouldn't have survived the year
We wanna say a thank you if you lent a hand
We know without you that there probably wouldn't be a band

Now there's a few people that we wanna list
Please excuse us if there's any that we have missed
We wanna give a real special mention to Hogger
You treated us well man, you're like a big brother
We know without people out you, this would mean nought
We'd like to thank Chip, Phil and all the rest for support
If we've forgotten anyone that has helped us out
We'd like to thank you 'cause that's what this is all about
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Lyrics to Room for Abuse
by Spunge

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