Lyrics to Secret Society
by Squad Five-O

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[edit]Song titleSecret Society
[edit]Artist nameSquad Five-O
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I hope I never stop struggling
Check my pulse
I want to always give in to giving away
Feeling the pressure
Sweat on my brow
My calling card is
working hard every day
Stalking executives
playing the dirty hand
Bulldozing ghetto land
That's a bad business, man
You'll be held up to right
When you've known it from wrong
All along secret society was wrong

So tell me, who is the hand
pressing down on the man
who is trying to change?
So tell me, who is the hand
pressing down on the man
who is trying to be saved?

Secret society
Your every move is what they see
Don't do what they say

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Word to soul
A super sport hotrod to the frontline
Forget depression
Don't take their medicine
We need you straight
We're running late and out of time
Hit up the CEO
Talk to the factory head
Got to get out of bed
They can't hear you when you're dead
You'll be held up to right
When you've known it from wrong
All along secret society was wrong

As long as it's a secret
We're not safe
And if we keep it
Nothing will change
But if we tell it
Well, we could die
If you don't believe it
You will one day

We're not safe
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Lyrics to Secret Society
by Squad Five-O

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