Lyrics to Wrong Side of the Moon
by Squeeze

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[edit]Song titleWrong Side of the Moon
[edit]Artist nameSqueeze
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Across the ocean she's been waiting to hear
If love's a secret to all the things she fears
Was it tiptoe around my pillow talk?
There'll come the only boy she had with any thought

My heart pretends I’m not so far away
She said tomorrow and I’m here today
I miss her now and I say it's only true
I feel like I'm on the wrong side of the moon

Wrong side of the moon

I'm forgetting to remember to forget
All the memories locked in my head
I'll be home then you'll hear what I say
It seems forever, started only yesterday

My heart keeps time which passes very slow
When you're lonely without a place to go
I've got the lonesome ocean blues
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Wrong side of the moon
Wrong side of the moon

Across the ocean there's a heart that beats for me
Beat, beating, waiting patiently
Pulls us together when we're apart
Keeps the devil from playing with your heart

But I'll pretend we're not so far away
I'm home tomorrow or maybe it’s today
Across the ocean there's nothing else to do
I feels like you’re on the wrong side of the moon

Wrong side of the moon
Wrong side of the moon
Wrong side of the moon
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Lyrics to Wrong Side of the Moon
by Squeeze

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