Lyrics to Milk and Honey
by Stampead

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[edit]Song titleMilk and Honey
[edit]Artist nameStampead
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I see how it is yeah
uppercut slide to the left jab
ducking on a sucker punch
I got me a band aid
I’m better, I’m better
milk and honey

I’m gonna get my belly full
smoke through the pain
doctors got my medicine
I’m better, I’m better
milk and Honey

I burned my thumb getting numb
damn these matches
Find more similar lyrics on people are kind a funny
talking sweet and silly
while she’s cooking me breakfast
oh, Milk and Honey

and I see how it is yeah
uppercut slide to the left jab
ducking on a sucker punch
I can cook my own damn breakfast
and lick my lips
umm, milk and honey

all day long
all day long
milk and honey
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Lyrics to Milk and Honey
by Stampead

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