Lyrics to Inseperable Enemies
by Star One

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[edit]Song titleInseperable Enemies
[edit]Artist nameStar One
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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This is the end of
bloodshed and wars
We finally found peace
Side by side we explore the stars
Then we came to know that
we are not alone

Light years away in a
fortress in space
A place we call home
We're at war with an alien race
Many men died in a blood-red sky

Inseparable enemies,
two sworn friends
Inseparable enemies,
friends 'till the end

Is this the end of their crusade
The dawning of a new day
The birth of a brand new age
The turning of a new page

We're all alone on
Find more similar lyrics on hostile planet

I try to speak but you
don't understand it

But you are trying to take my life

I'm only trying to survive

We must find shelter from the storm

Build a cabin to keep us warm

I can't do this on my own

Alien + Earthman:
You and me, we are not alone

Earthman: Russell (+ad libs)
Alien: Damian
Storyteller: Floor
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Lyrics to Inseperable Enemies
by Star One

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