Lyrics to Rapture
by Steel Prophet

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[edit]Song titleRapture
[edit]Artist nameSteel Prophet
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Here is wisdom and forgiveness
Repent yours sins and be of witness
Retribution into madness,
tribulation's years of sadness
Inquisition against Christians,
eminent is their persecution

Unholy ruler, man of sin, shall
force us all to worship him

His globalist plans for a one world government
And its assault on our privacy
Personal freedom will soon disappear
Under surveillance we all live in fear
Bio chip implants in the wrist or the head
Resist his orders, you'll end up dead
Spiritual warfare now has begun
With the light of his coming the battle is won

Holy spirit move in me, sanctify us eternally
Help me father understand
To keep the laws that you command
Now the last days are at hand
Then you'll judge the souls of man
Find more similar lyrics on wonders deceive our eyes
As he blasphemes with splendid lies

Final choices, final destiny,
In the valley of decision awaits humanity
So many lies and nothing to believe
Tear down the veils, we have been deceived
Eternal life in prison, imagine if you can
No bars or guards to save you
From the torments you'll withstand
You think that evil's in your control
You cant deny that the beast possesses your soul

Solo jp

In the final hour call upon his power
Don't hesitate you might be late
You'll be left behind with the flock of the blind
Life is too short to die in your sin
The earth is hell bound so let Jesus in

Watch therefore, for you do not know
What hour your lord is coming
Matthew 24:42
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Lyrics to Rapture
by Steel Prophet

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