Lyrics to Parked Cars
by Stephen Bishop

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[edit]Song titleParked Cars
[edit]Artist nameStephen Bishop
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(Stephen Bishop)
Every time she looks my way
Heaven gets a little closer
and every time I feel that way
I wanna be with her

Love is surely like a rose
'til you find a thorn to hurt you
One thing she'll always know
My love is true

Parked Cars
sittin' in the back seat
drivin' down on Main St.
stayin' out all night
Parked Cars
holding her so close
wondering if she knows
why I love her so...

When love is knockin' at your door
And the World is there up
on your shoulder
I'll show her then what love is for
Tonight when I'm with her...

Parked Cars
turnin' off the headlights
somewhere in the dark night
Find more similar lyrics on' to the moon
Parked Cars
holding her so close
with the radio down low
playin' "Love Me Do"

When Love is a lie
and she says goodbye
Finds someone new
Now your World is blue...

Parked Cars
sittin' in the back seat
somewhere down on Main St.
talkin' to the moon
Parked Cars
holding her so close
Wondering if she knows...

That every time she looks my way
Every time she smiles
my Heart breaks
And all I really want to say
is that my love is true

Yes all I really want
to say is that,

My love is true......
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Lyrics to Parked Cars
by Stephen Bishop

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