Lyrics to She's not Mine
by Stephen Bishop

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[edit]Song titleShe's not Mine
[edit]Artist nameStephen Bishop
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The light has faded in the blue room
where love has strayed
And in the colors of her darkness
she turns away

from the kind of hurt
that tears your heart to pieces
'Till you say goodbye

Well I don't see her anymore
It's for the best, I guess
and I don't see her anymore
So I kill time
thinking that she's not mine

The moon has stolen all the memories
from my brain
So I watch the people on my TV
to hide my pain

and sometimes I can't
imagine life without her..
and sometimes I can
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But I don't see her anymore
time will tell
When I can wish her well
I don't see her anymore
But I get by
knowing that she's not mine

Like a mountain that stands so high
her tears mean nothing to me
'Cause I'm too blue to cry

and somedays all I do
is think about her

yeah, but I don't see her anymore
It's for the best, I guess
and I don't see her anymore
and Life goes by
knowing that she's not mine...

(Written by Stephen Bishop)
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Lyrics to She's not Mine
by Stephen Bishop

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