Lyrics to Time Stand Still
by Stephen Bishop

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[edit]Song titleTime Stand Still
[edit]Artist nameStephen Bishop
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I feel it comin'
over me
And her face
is all I can see

Is she really
here with me
I don't know
I don't know

A storm is ragin'
in the Summer sky
Her kisses as warm
as a Georgia July

My head is pounding
and my heart feels high
And I know
that I can't let you go

So give me something
I can hold on to
Send me a light
that'll never burn out
'Cause I'll do anything
within my will
But I can't make time
stand still..

I chase her shadow
in the blue twilight
Find more similar lyrics on out her name
to the stars at night
And my life means nothing
if I can't survive
without you

So tell me what to do

and Give me something
I can hold on to
Send me a light
that won't burn out

'Cause I'd do anything
within my will
But I can't make time
stand still..

And when I close my eyes
My love never dies..


Light me a candle
that never burns out..

'Cause I'd do anything
within my will
But I can't make time
stand still..
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Lyrics to Time Stand Still
by Stephen Bishop

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