Lyrics to Too Weak to Resist
by Steps

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[edit]Song titleToo Weak to Resist
[edit]Artist nameSteps
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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We stood before our friends and
pledged eternal love
To have and to hold
We both meant every word and
spoke of one above
Love could not grow cold

Then I found myself so many nights
With time my only friend
And I only saw it in your eyes
Too late to make amends

Time can be a healer or time can divide
I never meant for anyone to take you from my side
But I'm just a man (just a man)
And it comes down to this
I was just to weak to resist

Find more similar lyrics on only I had known I'd
caused you so much pain
I would not have strayed
And tho' I promise you I'll
never fall again baby
I must lie in this bed I've made

And tho' I'm hurtin' you I swear it was
The last thing on my mind
And I found myself on my own
One too many times

Time can be a healer or time can divide
I never meant for anyone to
take you from my side
But I'm just a man (just a man)
And it comes down to this
I was just too weak to resist
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Lyrics to Too Weak to Resist
by Steps

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