Lyrics to Where I Lead Me
by Steve Earle

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[edit]Song titleWhere I Lead Me
[edit]Artist nameSteve Earle
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Where I lead me I will travel
Where I need me I will call me
I'm no fool, I'll be ready, God knows I will be
And in the meantime make a little money, buy a little mercy

Well, we met this morning, now she loves me
Say's she loves me
It must be easy, look around you
All around you

But you see the motion, you're not movin'
You don't know how to hold on
Just keep it loose, don't get excited
It'll pass before long

Now one is goin', one is stayin', one is silent, one is sayin'
Well, here's your coat, take care of yourself
Find more similar lyrics on'm sorry you're leavin'
I'm a little sad, you're all I had, will you be returnin'?

The boys upstairs are gettin' hungry
You can shout in the wind about how it will be
Or you can clench your fist, shake your head and head to the country
I've no doubt about it my friend, that's where they'll find me

Ask the boys down in the gutter
Now they won't lie 'cause you don't matter
The street's just fine if you're good and blind
But it ain't where you belong

Just roll down your sleeves, pick up your money
And carry yourself home
Roll down your sleeves, pick up your money
And carry yourself home
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Lyrics to Where I Lead Me
by Steve Earle

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