Lyrics to Haze
by Steve Kilbey

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[edit]Song titleHaze
[edit]Artist nameSteve Kilbey
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Please let me in, I wasn't introduced
I really want to be your friend
I'd like to know, I wasn't introduced
I really want to make amends
There's a place that I know, it's so hard to find
I'd like to take you there, if you've got the mind
'Cause I never dreamed at all I'd know someone like you
The temple of your secret hell is the heaven I've been through
We'd like to know, it's kind of confidential
But where on earth did you go
We're just your friends and that's coincidental
But do you really like the end
I wish I was so strong, I wish I was so good
I'd show you all those things I know I never could
We just go round and round, the circle has decreased
You're starving for some lovely love the vultures scarf the feast
Beware of freaks, they really mess your mind
You're looking fabulous this time
They shook you up, you rattled and you rolled
Another generation crime
A man without a heart, is a ship without a rudder
You run into the rocks, feel our timber shudder
You're greedy with your time, who can lay the blame

Find more similar lyrics on I was as young as you I guess I'd be the same
You played the game, you lived on consequences
Without a dollar to your name
Up on the hill your busy man advances
Are you so scared to stand still
Take a look around, see the stranglehold
The winters are so warm, the summers are so cold
And it's ugly out there now, the wind is whispering things
You haven't heard the last of this the rumors have grown wings

Coming back to me
Coming back to me
Coming back to me through a haze of memory

Foxes in the sky, the dunes dark and deep
Jury swinging on the vines, while I make a scene
Days and days of rain, mushrooms by the ton
Waiting for our clothes to dry, Mr. Watson cleans his gun
Walking 'round the fences, a sister left behind
A visit by a country doctor, two years from going blind
Sundays at the big house, cream and Sheffield steel
Still the talk of Singapore, and how it feels real
It crawls across the grassland, a wall of shining heat
Coming on back to me through rocky seat
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Lyrics to Haze
by Steve Kilbey

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