Lyrics to Make it Look Easy
by Steve Wariner

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[edit]Song titleMake it Look Easy
[edit]Artist nameSteve Wariner
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I'm not the first guy who ever lost a girlfriend
But by the way I'm carrying on
You'd think I was you'd
think I'd lost my mind
Since you've been gone
Why can't I just walk away
You know people do things a lot harder every day
And somehow they make it look so easy

Mark McGwire does it with a baseball bat
Dale Jarret does it on the race car track
Tom Hanks sure knows how to act
And he makes it look easy
Dan Rather does it on the evening news
Ray Charles does it when he's singing the blues
The great ones do it any time they choose
So why can't I forget you
And make it look easy

I've got a secret and I want to keep it
So I try to be cool
I don't wanna show want no one to know
That I'll always be your fool
Find more similar lyrics on wish that I could just walk away
People do things a lot harder every day
And you know they make it look so easy

Michael Jordan did it and he carried the team
Spielberg does it on the movie screen
Oprah she's the TV queen
And she makes it look easy
Tiger Woods does it with a little golf ball
Seems like Elway did it every fall
The great ones do it any time they choose
So why can't I forget you
And make it look easy

Princess Di she did it with class
Leno knows the right questions to ask
Nolan Ryan did it with a pitch so fast
That he made it look easy
Chet Atkins does it with a guitar pick
Wayne Gretsky did it with a hockey stick
The great ones do it anytime they choose
So why can't I forget you
And make it look easy
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Lyrics to Make it Look Easy
by Steve Wariner

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