Lyrics to Where did I go Wrong
by Steve Wariner

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[edit]Song titleWhere did I go Wrong
[edit]Artist nameSteve Wariner
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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When you told me that you loved me, I
believed every single word you said
Then you showed me you didn't mean it,
you loved some else instead.
I know you've got a right to find someone new
but I've got a right to feel this way too.

Where did I got wrong
Where did he go right
I know I'd won the battle if I'd know there was a fight
I can't stand the thought of never holding you tight.
Where did I go wrong and he go right.
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There was something all around us
like I've never felt before
Guess I should have seen the warnings but I
was busy coming back for more
I know you've got a right to change your mind
but I've got a right to be losing mine.


Where did I go wrong....he go right
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Lyrics to Where did I go Wrong
by Steve Wariner

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