Lyrics to Happy Birthday
by Stevie Wonder

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[edit]Song titleHappy Birthday
[edit]Artist nameStevie Wonder
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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You know it doesn't
make much sense
There ought to be a law against
Anyone who takes offense
At a day in your celebration
'Cause we all know in our minds
That there ought to be a time
That we can set aside
To show just how much we love you
And I'm sure you will agree
It couldn't fit more perfectly
Than to have a world
party on the day you
came to be

Happy birthday to ya
Happy birthday to ya
Happy birthday to ya

I just never understood
How a man who died for good
Could not have a day that would
Be set aside for his recognition
Because it should never be
Just because some cannot see
The dream as clear as he
That they should make it
become an illusion
And we all know everything
That he stood for time will bring
For in peace our hearts will sing
Thanks to Martin Luther King Jr.

Happy birthday to ya
Happy birthday to ya
Happy birthday to ya

Why has there never been a holiday
Find more similar lyrics on peace is celebrated
all throughout the world

The time is overdue
For people like me and you know the way to truth
Is love and unity to
all God's children
It should be a great event
And the whole day should be spent
In full remembrance
Of those who lived and
died for the oneness
all people
So let us all beging
We know that love can win
Let it out don't hold it in
Sing it loud as you can

Chorus x4:
Happy birthday to ya
Happy birthday to ya
Happy birthday to ya ooohh

Background Stevie
Happy birthday Ooh yeah
Happy birthday,
To you yea

We know the key to unity of all
Is in the dream that you had so
Long ago
That lives in all of the hearts
Of people
That believe in unity
We'll make the dream become
A reality
I know we will
Because our hearts tell us so....
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Lyrics to Happy Birthday
by Stevie Wonder

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