Lyrics to Purple Raindrops
by Stevie Wonder

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[edit]Song titlePurple Raindrops
[edit]Artist nameStevie Wonder
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Purple raindrops
scattered flowers
I daydream for hours
Since I met you
I can't forget you
O What am I gonna do?

I see funny things,
many strange things,
God knows you can change things,
since i met you, I can't live without you,
oh what am I gonna do

Find more similar lyrics on just can't tell you how I feel
I just can't find the words
To share a love like ours
is more than mountain birds

I Hear bell rings
I hear angels sings
God knows you can change things
Since I met you
I can't forget you
O what am I gonna do
O what am I gonna do
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Lyrics to Purple Raindrops
by Stevie Wonder

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