Lyrics to Never More Quote the Raven
by Stonewall Jackson

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[edit]Song titleNever More Quote the Raven
[edit]Artist nameStonewall Jackson
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(Never more never more) never more quote the Raven never more
Nothing hurts as strong as knowing you've done wrong
And not a thing will make it right again
I don't blame you for walking out the door when
you did that raven flew right in
Never more quote the Raven never more
Your one big chance for love went out the door
Oh please Raven tell me when she'll be back again
Never more quote the Raven never more

I said raven what's my fate tell it to me straight
Find more similar lyrics on I mend that gentle heart I broke
Will I end up alone or will she come back home
The Raven thought a moment then he spoke
Never more quote the Raven...

Never more quote the Raven never more
Then he spread his wings and he flew back out the door
And the voice that sealed my doom still echoes in my room
Never more quote the Raven never more never
more quote the Raven never more
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Lyrics to Never More Quote the Raven
by Stonewall Jackson

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